Mike Baur – CEO of The Swiss Start Up Factory

The Swiss Start Up Factory, founded and funded by CEO Mike Baur, aids entrepreneurs in the start of their businesses. The mission of The Swiss Start Up Factory is all about taking startup companies and turning them into global companies. Through their trying efforts they seek to do this by aiding startups in distributing the prevailing norms, business models, and products. Located in Zurich, Switzerland this The Swiss Start Up Factory seeks to help companies that are ready to expand.
Startup companies that have grown from The Swiss Start Up Factory in the year 2016 are Beaconsmind, carhelper.ch, Struckd.com, and blinckers. The Factory offers a 3-month accelerated program for startup businesses to watch their company grow globally. The focus is aimed at building and learning at the beginning. This 3-month accelerated program pushes the startup business into full force until all milestones are met.
Mike Baur is the CEO and founder of The Swiss Start Up Factory. With over 20 years of experience in Swiss Private Banking, this experience eventually led to Mike becoming an executive board member at a Swiss Private Banking. At the age of 39, Mike took his years of experience along with his talent for innovation in the corporate world and started up The Swiss Start Up Factory. Mike holds an MBA from the University of Rochester in New York. He works with startups not only financially but also as a mentor to Support swiss entrepreneurs.
His talent and high level of training have been the base of a company that exceeds all expectations. Through his passion for small growing businesses and his dedication to his work Mike Baur seeks to help those with a dream make it come true. Mike was named deputy managing director of CTI Invest when the two companies partnered in January of 2016. Along with their partnership with CTI Invest, The Swiss Start Up Factory is also partnered with Fintech Fusion. His investments and partnerships have proven that this program works for the start up companies. The proof is in the companies that have used The Swiss Start Up Factory and have watched their businesses grow past their expectations.